"A fitness and wellness brand dedicated to helping people reach their goals and establish healthy habits that will last a lifetime."

About  Jordyn

I am a 25 year old fitness professional currently living and working in Philadelphia, PA.


Growing up, I was a dancer and wanted to do that professionally until I fell in love with training. I have my Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and have been a certified personal trainer & group fitness instructor for 7 years now. I am obsessed with my job and I love sharing my story,  knowledge, and  experiences with anyone that is open to listening! 


What is   The  SLF Method?

SLF (pronounced like self) stands for Support in Lifestyle and Fitness. This fitness and wellness brand was created with the simple goal of educating people on health and fitness topics so that they can lead healthy lives and be the best version of themselves! If you are interested in taking ownership of your health, check out the links below to start working with the SLF Method!


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